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Is The Medication Cost Too Expensive?

Many patients spend a lot of money on medication but they are not aware that they have the government support which can help reduce or subsidize medication cost if their income is compromised . Additionally, there are specific medication that are covered by special programs (patient assistance programs). You will have to come in and speak to the pharmacist to discuss these potential programs to see if you are eligible for any.



Trillium Drug Benefit

This program are for those who work but have limited income. You simply have to fill out a form and send it to the government. They will let you know how much you must pay before you are eligible for coverage. The amount that has to be paid is determined by your anual income.  


Patient Assistance Program

Certain medication are covered by the manufacturer which can save you money when purchasing. Please have a discussion with our pharmacists to see if the medication you are currently using are eligible. 

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Therapeutic Equivalent

Sometimes the drug that was prescribed to you is either too expensive or not a benefit under your current drug plan. Please have a discussion with our pharmacist to potentially find an alternative that can have the same therapeutic effect but is also either covered or more cost effective.


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